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he had an 11-game hitting streak during which he hit .425, three home runs, seven driven in and three doubles. one of the promising young catchers in baseball. this catcher profile brought to you by xfinity home. features that help you stay connected to your family anytime anywhere. and jonathan broxton comes into the game. it is a save situation. 21-25 including the one last night that he didn't get the job done. his e.r.a. is still .220. -- ken: all right, boys we need to get at least three. and a good man to start us off gordon beckham, who's 2-4. out of wanseboro,
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georgia. takes first pitch strike. steve: lorenzo cain stays in the game in center field after driving home a run with a sacrifice -- we'll call it a line drive. wasn't really a sacrifice fly. ken: 1-1 the count. a reminder, after the game stay tuned for the 9:00 news with robert jordan, jackie bange, jim with the weather and rich. all sports highlights. almost walked into it and the count 2-1. just tuning in, toronto beat cleveland 1-9.
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baltimore in 13 defeated detroit 8-6. tigers got three in the top of the ninth to tie that game at 4-4. and that's a souvenir right side to even the count at 2-2. if you're hitting the road, take our sox with you this season. subscribe to visit steve: broxton blew the save last night. almost lost the game. furcal at the plate. that was somewhat controversial. hudson getting thrown out by francoeur. i talked to orlando today and hex i never was tagged. ken: broken bat.
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soft bounder. so one out. here's alhand roll. he is 2-3. an r.b.i. double a triple. also a sacrifice bunt. takes ball one.
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now evens it at 1-1. steve: hurt his elbow and the dodgers pretty much let him go. ken: there's a chopper two-hopper. so it's up to youk.
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and most of the 24 98 on their feet. -- 24,998 on their feet. youk is 0-3. slowly hit. escobar. and this ballgame is over.
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so sox come back to tie it up at 3-3 and royals with one in the seventh, two in the eighth and they win it 6-3 and we'll be back. -- >> coming up, the latest on the suspect accused of shooting two young girls in a chicago neighborhood. another drowning in lake michigan. we'll have details. and cover your ears. jay is singing at wrigley. plus the latest on our hot weather forecast. the news is next.
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ken: check out our
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miller lite player of the game. it is our shortstop alcides escobar. two-run homer in the third inning and then a solo shot in the seventh. two homers, three r.b.i.'s. our miller lite player of the game alcides escobar, and we'll be back. ♪ how you like me now? ♪ ♪ how you like me now? ♪ ♪ how you like me now? ♪ ♪ how you like me now? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the new miller lite punch top can. crack it. punch it. for a smoother pour. however you punch it... it's miller time.
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sox won it last night 9-8 in 14 innings. tonight, six hits 12 runs no errors for the royals. they left seven. we left eight. jake peavy takes the loss. he's 7-6. broxton with his 22nd c.i.a. of the season. our next white sox telecast will be tuesday night when our sox take on the boston red sox. now wgn america viewers tune in saturday all 4 when our sox battle the angels of anaheim at u.s. cellular field. and chicago white sox baseball in high definition was brought to you by xfinity. for our partner steve stone and our director and the man in the booth. this is the hawk. so long everybody. stay tuned for the wgn news, because it is next.
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>> this is chicago's very own wgn news at 9:00. >> an accused gunman has appeared in court, charged with shooting two young girls on chicago's far south side. this as his family insists he's not the shooter. good evening everyone. >> the 18-year-old man was
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charged with shooting two girls in the west pullman neighborhood earlier this week. tonight he is behind bars without bail. details from maggie carollo. >> washing -- walking out of the courtroom, the family of 18-year-old jermaine louis was visibly upset stay saying this was a case of mistaken identity. >> i'm not saying he's an angel. i stand by my son 100%. >> he's nernlt. he didn't document. >> jermaine is charged with two counts of aggravated battery with a firearm accused of shooting nakia turner and tishona polk. police say the shooting hammed friday just before 8:00 in the west pullman neighborhood.
9:18 pm
four witnesses including one of the victims identified ver -- jermaine louis as the shooter. >> ceasefire's job is to save lives. be it the family life of the victims or family life of the perpetrators. we're a neutral organization trying to save lives out here on the streets of chicago. >> saturday, mildred shorter, mother of one of the victims, said her daughter was still in pain but recovering. she said she was pleased withs decision of no bail. >> justice has prevailed itself. i'm very happy. i'm glad it went the way it went. >> ceasefire declined to comment on if they thought mr. louis was involved in this shooting but said they have talked to witnesses and others in the neighborhood and his name is the only one that has been mentioned so far. he could be held in protective
9:19 pm
custody while in jail because of the nature of this case. >> two people are in serious condition after they were pulled from lake many. it happened at about 2:00 this afternoon at north avenue beach. an 1-year-old was swimming and overpowered by waves. his friends tried to help but they had difficulty and others pitched in to get the man to store -- shore. chicago paramedics aarrived but others were already administering c.p.r. and first aid to a 20-year-old who suffered a leg injury. >> the water was very choppy. there was barely anyone around until he yelled for help. >> the young man was taken to northwest memorial hospital in critical condition. the second man was listed in serious condition also at northwestern. a 16-year-old south side teen was rescued from lake michigan earlier this week and he has died. he's now among a growing number
9:20 pm
of drowning victims that have emergency room doctors concerned. >> 16-year-old romero roundtree would have been a junior this fall at wells community academy. he loved basketball, loved to joke and loved his mother. he lived with her in the 3900 block of south lake park. >> he was a pretty -- well, outgoing type of guy. fun and laughing. he was somebody special. >> romero died friday at mercy hospital and medical center after being pulled from lake michigan by chicago firefighters at 10:00 p.m. thursday. he'd gone out with friends but wasn't where he told his mother he would be. >> he said they were playing some kind of game with girls and there were several other guys that were there and like a truth or dare type of game. you know get in the water or something and one guy said i'll
9:21 pm
bet you won't jump. >> that's when romero made a fatal choice. >> my son was always that type, you tell him don't he'd have to prove a point. >> he hit a rock when he jumped in and suffered large gashes to his forehead. she's still numb. >> i've never known him to swim in the lake. >> romero is the 11th young person to drown since june 14th. those at highest risk are very small children and adolescents who overestimate their abilities in the water. romero's mom said she only saw her son swim a handful of times and that was more than a decade ago. he told his friends he knew how. >> i don't know that he did. >> the father of a 29-year-old obama campaign staffer who died yesterday said his son was
9:22 pm
dedicated and passionate about politics. alex okrent was at work at the downtown campaign offices when he collapsed and later died. he worked for the obama team since the president's 2004 run for the u.s. senate. a memorial will be held monday at the jewish reconstructionist congregations in evanston. an autopsy today was unconclusive. further testes are being done. >> a 9-year-old judge is being accused of using his work computer to access pornography. will county judge joseph polito allegedly used his courthouse computer to visit porn graphic websites. records show that someone using his account tried to view porn over 200 times during a six-month period starting in late 2010. a county commission will hold a hearing before deciding on any
9:23 pm
disciplinary action. the bidding process is underway from the assets seized from the former city controller of the town of dixon. ryota crus indwell is accused odd stealing more than $53 million since 1990 to support a l.a.ic lifestyle and her nationally renowned horse breeding operation. they're now accepting bids on a motor home that she purchased. bidding for the motor home began at $1 million. other assets for ceased for which bids will be taken including the 400 horses she had. proceeds for the sales will go toward restitution for the city of dixon. workers at a recycling plant in rockford make the awful
9:24 pm
discovery of a newborn baby. the latest in the investigation is up next. >> plus, president obama hits the campaign trail and braves a downpour. >> and scientists are keeping a close eye on a solar flare that is raining down on the either this weekend. jim? >> we had some thunderstorms today but not everybody got much rain, but everybody is going to get a lot of heat. we'll have details and the full forecast in just a few minutes.
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>> an autopsy conducted this morning confirms that the body of a baby found at a recycling center near rockford yesterday was full born and full term. however, results won't be available for several weeks to determine if the baby was born alive. the body of the caucasian male was discovered at a total waste recycling plant and it was on a conveyaor belt.
9:28 pm
areas were canvassed areas where that garbage came from. police have received a number of leads from residents in those areas adding that someone -- someone knows or has spigs of who was pregnant before and now no longer is for the second day in a row, president obama campaigned in virginia. he won that state by 53% four years ago and now has only a slim lead over republican mitt romney, as the president tries to hold on to the old dominion state. one of several states considered to be pivotal in november. crowds waited in the pouring rain in the suburb of richmond to hear mr. obama speak. he continued to attack romney on the subject of his tenure at bane capital and the firm's involvement with companies that may have been encouraged to outsource. >> he invested in companies that have been called pioneers
9:29 pm
of outsourcing. i don't want to pioneer in outsourcing. i want some insourcing. i want to bring companies back. >> president obama won virginia four years ago with 53%. he now has only a slim lead over republican mitt romney in virginia as he tries to hold on to the state, one of several states considered to be pivotal in november. romney spent the day with his family but former .com presidential hopeful campaigned for his former republican primary foe, the first time he's done so >> we have a president who has become drunk with power and is using and wielding that power to be able to keep power and gain more. imagine a barack obama, what he's doing now in the face of an election.
9:30 pm
imagine what he does with four more years. >> and santorum helped with the opening of the new mitt romney office outside of pennsylvania. pennsylvania is another state considered to be up for grabs in the election. secretary of state hillary clinton is visiting egypt and offering u.s. help. she lanled in cairo where she met with the newly elected president. according to her aide, she wanted to discuss the new egyptian leader's priorities and what the u.s. can do to help egypt out of its economic and political turmoil. the visit comes as egypt is in a domestic political crisis with morsi in a tug of war with egypt's military. he has no cabinet in place and the military disbanded egypt's parliament. still to come, a group of volunteers kicked off a major
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we can't be stopped! we got the spirit! we're hot! we can't be stopped! we're gonna beat 'em and bust 'em... announcer: the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life. both chanting: let's...get... a little bit rowdy. r-o-w--whoo!--d-y. announcer: take time to be a dad today. one more time. call or visit to learn more. >> a major move is launched today to register voters for the upcoming november election. >> it's the initiative of the illinois coalition for immigrant refugee rights. >> the leader says only when immigrants show their strength will leader and lawmakers take
9:34 pm
seriously the need to recognize immigrants. the goal is to register 160000 voters in targeted latino, asian and arab demunalts. >> there's a lot at stake with this election and we want our voice to be heard. what issues are important to the community. about immigration at the federal level but on other issues that are motivating immigrant voters. >> and the coalition is also working with young people to assist them in beginning eligible for the dream relief policy for students. that's a program that president obama began last month. it will allow some 800,000 young people nationwide who remember brought into the country illegally as children to be safe from deportation proceedings, as long as they meet certain requirements. >> pastor corey brooks who
9:35 pm
spent several months on the roof of an abandoned health is back but only for the weekend. several weeks ago he left walking on his cross-country trek to curb violence. he arrived to a cheering crowd last night. his goal is to raise $15 million to go towards building a community center in woodlawn. mayor rahm emanuel will join him as he walks tomorrow from the side of the planned community center to navy pier. >> that's a lot of walking. well, the sun has set -- and the sun is about to give us a show here on earth. >> coming up why this amazing solar flare could be affecting us this weekend.
9:36 pm
>> live, the official drawing of the illinois lottery. >> good evening. we have your winning numbers for saturday, july 14, 2012. first number up for the pick through -- one. second number -- four. third and final number -- zero. so that makes tonight's winning pick three numbers -- 1-4-0. it's tyke to play the pick four game but play the chicago white sox and cubs instant games. here we go. pick four. first number -- 4. second number -- 5. third lucky number is -- 9. fourth and final number tonight -- 4. so that makes tonight's winner
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so that makes tonight's lucky lotto numbers -- 32-31-17-3-5-8. megamillions is $28 million and if you want to check out those numbers again visit have a great night. . >> tonight's lottery drawing was brought to you by wgn tv. >> coming up in a moment, jim will be here to talk about the heat coming back. >> that's right, triple digits? that's what we're expecting in the next few days.
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>> weather experts are watching the sun this weekend from a solar storm that originated from a massive solar flare on thursday. it's caused an been -- an eruption on the sun. it was expected to start this morning and last through tomorrow. it won't create damage but it will create colorful northern lights that will be visible at the u.s.-canadian border. too bad we can't see it. >> if it penetrate this far it
9:42 pm
certainly may because we don't have the cloud cover this time. but as you say it may not get much farther than the u.s.-canada border. be very pretty to see. we've had some thunderstorms in the area. not a lot but some areas got quite a lot of rain. most of the rain came in the far southern sections. there was a shower or to -- two in some of the northern suburbs. but o'hare, for example, picked up only a trace of rainfall today. high in chicago today, up to 90 and that's a foretaste. look at all of this heat to our west. temperatures in the upper 90's evident. questions about whether we'd hit 00 this week, it's possible or we may be just close. we're down to 7 right now at this hour.
9:43 pm
temperatures in the 70's throughout the entire chicago area. it's still raining, though if parts of northwestern indiana, just diminishing to sprinkles and some light rain at the moment. look at the wind speeds. not very strong. out of the south, 8 miles per hour at o'mare -- o'hear tonight. look at this. there is an air plux action day declared for parts of the area. the culprit is ozone so this could create some unhealthy reaction if you have rest persuasion problems or unhealthy. when we see this, this is good evidence that we may see our temperatures rise to 100 degrees in spot. dew points in the mid 60's so
9:44 pm
it's a little humid at this point. the rain showers just about dying out. a few spots still picking up a sprinkle or two. we're also watching a few storms in parts of southeastern wisconsin, just south of milwaukee, probably not affecting the chicago area but beil keep a storm in the forecast in cas and gulf moisture coming ashore is helping to stimulate storm activity in parts of mississippi and alabama. this area of north dakota has been predicted by the storm center as having the best chance for maybe some severe storms. this -- no storms expected for chicago, but this model suggest ises there is a tiny chance. but for the most part it should be a dry day tomorrow and dry during the week. water temperatures it's up to 80 degrees off chicago's lakefront. first of all, across the area,
9:45 pm
a few early clouds tomorrow and a skinny chance of a thunderstorm. winds dying down. low temperature 71 to 78. tomorrow partly cloudy with hot temperatures. a high between 89 and 94 with a west breeze at 5 to 14. tomorrow night, mostly cloudy, low temperatures, 70 to 78 degrees -- degrees. the higher temperatures downtown. monday quite hot. gusty winds 92 to 97 expected. tuesday will be the day we're most likely to see a three-digit temperature. we put a 99 on the forecast but there will be places around chicago -- some of the southwestern suburbs for example, should have no trouble hitting three cities and in fact the city might. there is a chance for thunderstorms and then we'll cool a few degrees and scoot back up by next weekend so
9:46 pm
we're not done with the heat yet. >> thank you. and just ahead, police recover a treasured belonging to one member of the bears' 19 5 super bowl team. >> ♪ root, root, root for the cubies ♪ >> and it's a good thing jay cutler can throw a football. we'll sample the musical did you know when heartburn it's too late to take prilosec because... but
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of a challenge than we expected. ♪ ♪ in the service, we had each other's backs. but as veterans, it can sometimes feel like we're all alone. even when surrounded by our loved ones. ♪ ♪ [ woman ] at the veterans crisis line, we understand what you're going through, and we can help. it's your call. ♪ ♪
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>> the super bowl ring super bowl stolen from former chicago bears player stefan humphries has been recovered. >> police in spokane washington, say the ring and other stolen items were found in a motel room in post false idaho after they arrested a 24-year-old man accused of gun and property crimes. they say her -- he broke into humphries' home in may and stole several football items from him. he played on the 1985 bears super bowl team. >> and as you saw right here on wgn tv, the first-place white sox continue their weekend series in kansas city. we'll have some highlights coming up. >> and the cubs send fan favorite ryan dempster to the mound. could it be the last time? rich king is next with
9:50 pm
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we're changing the way the world treats childhood cancer by sharing our discoveries with doctors and scientists everywhere. and we'll never have to pay st. jude for anything, ever. at this moment, she wants to be in her own bed. i want to be back schoo with my fries. i want to be outside playing. announcer: please take a moment and join st. jude in finding cures and saving children. visit >> and rich king joins us now with sports and ryan dempster, kind of a sad day. could be his last day as a cub. we don't know for sure. but he's going out strong. what a great game. ryan dempster's post-game news
9:53 pm
conference resembled a farewell before it became official. some say he could leave as early as tomorrow. jay cutler tossed out the first pitch and sang at the stretch. more on that later. the cubs continued to roll with barney down the line. this would score alfonso soriano. 2-0 cubs. dempsterst that's all he would need. gave up four hits in six innings. carlos marmol made it interesting. two on but reed johnson makes the grab. next up, pitcher jason kubel hits into a 6-4-3 double play. the cubs win but may be saying goodbye to the ace of their staff. >> i haven't given a whole lot
9:54 pm
of thought to what it might be like to be somewhere else. right now i'm just enjoying playing here and being a part of this nice run we're on. we've won 9-1 and we just want to keep going. >> he's a guy that would be tough to lose. you don't want to lose a guy like defer but whatever happens happens. we're happy about that and hopefully he keeps pitching well for us. >> as you saw here on wgn. the sox came up short against the royals. not a good 45th birthday for robin ventura, on the field anyway. jake peavy gets burned in the third by alcides escobar. he's been a big pain in this series. drove a two-run shot. in the sixth, the sox came back. adam dunn creams one over the wall. a ruthian shot.
9:55 pm
it was 3-2. later in the inning, viciedo hits another clutch run. the game was tied in the seventh escobar again up and this would be the big one. another home run. they add two more. make it 6-3 the final and the royals even the series at 1-1. steve stricker looking for a fourth title in a row at the john deere classic but troy matteson stands in his way. here is madison at the 10th hole with a birdie there. three shots ahead of stricker. vicker in sole possession of second place. here's the approach on 14. sets up for a birdie. the final 18 will be played tomorrow. they got the free kick from pavel pardo. over the defender then find the net. and the fire wins 1-0.
9:56 pm
they're now 9-6-4. arena football, the chicago rocks lead milwaukee. and finally, you saw that jay cutler was at the cub game today. in fact, he tossed out the first perfect. cutler in fine tomorrow. good zip on the ball. when it came to singing the stretch in the seventh inning, you be the judge. didn't look all that comfortable behind the mike. >> all right, cub fans. let me hear you. a one, a two a three -- ♪ take me out to the ballgame [singing offkey] take me out with the crowd buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks i don't care if i ever get back root root, root for the cubbies if they don't win it's a shame
9:57 pm
for it's -- two, three strikes you're out at the old ballgame ♪ let's get some runs! >> i know what you guys think. it's not the worst but not exactly the best either. >> did you see it go by? the tomb wagon. needed to sign that tome wagon and get paid. >> the bottom line is he's still a good quarterback. >> as they say, keep your day job, right? >> good for him to get up there and give it a try. >> he's loosening up. getting chicago acclimated. >> i can't believe two weeks. >> i'll be there. we'll do the news from there. >> that's going to do it for us for this saturday night. >> from all of us at wgn, thanks for watching. we'll see you back here
9:58 pm
tomorrow night. have a good night
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